You're Super Busy & Tired- Social Media Is The Last Thing On Your Mind, Right?

I totally understand why social media could be the bottom of your priority list right now. But the thing is- if you don’t show up on social media, it isn’t going to grow- no new enquiries, bookings or sales. So, here’s 5 quick things you can do TODAY in order to grow your social media:

  •  Engage- engage in your Facebook groups, Instagram hashtags, geolocation- engage wherever possible, whatever platform you use! Make sure you start meaningful conversations with your audience.
  •  Reply to your messages- Facebook and Instagram can “penalise” you for slow responses- plus it seems pretty rude if you’re posting but not replying! (Guilty, I forget sometimes )
  • Get a post out! Whether it’s a single, carousel, reel or video- get that content up and show the world what you have been up to recently in your awesome business.
  • Check that bio- are your links still working? Does anything need a refresh? Is it easy to read?Reply to comments on your posts- don’t leave people hanging! What’s the point of someone engaging with you if you don’t reply?

I know it seems a lot, but even if you worked on your social media platforms for 20 minutes a day, I promise you that you will see growth. Here’s a picture of Lady, ready to cheer you on- she knows you’re capable of bossing social media.

If you’re really struggling with your social media at the moment, how about a FREE 15 minute discovery call with me to see how I can help your social media grow? I’d love to have a chat! Click the button below to arrange a call.

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