see ya, 2021!

Goodbye to you… and some of the weird things that you have convinced people they need to do for their businesses to succeed on social media. 🤔

Let’s start off with something I think is incredibly important- social media’s main purpose? To be social- not to be sat at your dinner table at 7pm thinking, “Crap! I forgot to post today!”, and feeling guilty for it. Social media wasn’t designed to be another stress for your business, it obviously helps, but the stress is something we can leave in 2021. Post when you can, engage when you can, enjoy life. 😊

Can we please leave the “you must post 1 post, 3 stories and 5 reels within a day, otherwise you have failed yourself and your business” behaviour behind? It’s not something I have ever pushed my clients to do, because quite frankly I don’t think it works. Being active on your social media is sooo important, but you don’t need to spend your whole life on it (that’s my job 😉).

Being afraid to experiment- that can stay in 2021. Try everything and anything you think will work for YOUR business, because you may find the one thing you have been trying to avoid is the secret to your success. 🥳 I am very lucky to have clients that will let me experiment with their social media- and some things do flop, but other things really fly! Social media changes so often, experimentation is necessary. Use the absolutely amazing analytics features to work out how well an experiment is going, and what may need tweaking. Once you get your head around analytics, it’s a game changer- and they’re becoming so much easier with every update! 🤩

Lastly, leave confusion in 2021. Seriously consider growing with social media help. Whether that’s in the form of a social media manager, social media coach or even simple online courses, sometimes we can be our own enemy and create problems, that lead us to get stuck in a social media “rut”. We are all here to help you and your business flourish in an online world, use us! 🙌

Have a fantastic New Years Eve, and I look forward to speaking with some of you in 2022. A huge thank you to all my clients, followers and social media friends- here’s to making 2022 our best year yet! 🐾

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