This year was my first year owning a pet business, and in amongst all the chaos that comes with being a small business owner, I am so proud of everything I have achieved this year. However, there are certain things that I would like to do differently next year and this blog is where I am putting my ideas and thoughts. You are more than welcome to steal them, I know that I am a Virtual Assistant and a Social Media Manager, but that doesn’t mean these ideas will not resonate with you- as I find any pet business can use them.  So, what does 2022 mean for your pet business?

Accepting Who i am

I think it’s important to have a plan. Sometimes, that does my family’s head in. The fact that everything needs to be planned, and if I don’t succeed even the simplest of tasks, I feel like a failure. Mix that with the fact that I have pushed myself continuously to keep achieving, then I am sure you can see that I often end up at breaking point. The first thing 2022 will do for my pet business, is help me accept who I am. I am someone with high aspirations, and I will always push for more. The song “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman made me feel normal to a certain extent, and in 2022, I will accept who I am and how my business runs. 

2022 Means that I will stop comparing my pet business to others

EVERYONE on this planet is different. We all have different lives that allow for different things, so it is easy for social media to trick us into thinking that other pet businesses have their things together, and that we are miles behind. This is not the case.

My personal social media shows me going on a road-trip to and around Scotland, revisiting Edinburgh two months later, moving into my first home and celebrating my 21st in Las Vegas. What it doesn’t show is the tears when it came to deciding whether to persue my business full time or carry on with university, panicking that I am making the wrong decision. It doesn’t show the issues that I deal with in my head every single day, it doesn’t show that I feel so depressed when I see a competitor has managed to chuck out 4 posts in one week on their social media and I can barely think of what to write for 1 post because I am so tired. 

2022 will mean that my business is unique, there is only one of me, just like there is one of you. Yes, there may be thousands of dog trainers in the UK, but there is only one of you. Only one of you working hard at your business every day, doing the best that you can. It is time to stop comparing and making yourself ill with worry that you are doing it wrong or that your business will fail. One of my favourite quotes is: What if I fail? Oh, but darling, what if you fly?” 

2022 means that my pet business will grow

I will grow mentally, financially and healthily. No unrealstic targets, and lots of opportunity to grow. I will invest in my business because it has given me so much. I think that as I grow, I have learnt the importance in mindset and attraction. Something that I once thought was a witchcraft exercise (sorry, mum!), is actually helping me grow every day. I ask the universe and it provides. So I am now asking for plenty of learning opportunities and growth opportunities. If you don’t know how to grow because you’re so busy or struggling with tasks you don’t like to do, maybe it is time to bring in a Virtual Assistant so you can focus on your business. 

2022 means that my pet business will be organised

The very nature of my business is organisation, so if there is one thing I am good at, it’s organising other people’s businesses. However, there is still room for improvement, and whilst my customers are extremely happy with how I work and how organised I am for them, sometimes I neglect my own business. I will make sure I find time to look after it, and get those posts are out! 

2022 means that my pet business will be fun!

As much as having your own business is a nightmare (you are your own marketing; HR; finance department; CEO and so much more so sometimes it can feel difficult!) it’s also the biggest blessing. If you wake up every day hating your business, then you are responsible for the results. I am going to make sure I remind myself EVERY DAY why I do this, and I think you should too. I get to work with the most amazing clients every single day, and I will always be grateful for that. I am going to make sure that the fun continues into 2022 and have a great time whilst building the business. If you work hard, then you should most definitely play hard, that is something that I am going to make sure happens in 2022. 

I did think of making this blog more practical with “real advice” like batching, engagement etc., but I think it is sometimes important to speak about the side of the business that requires an extra bit of TLC- you. 

If you have found this blog helpful, then please share this with other pet businesses, we never know who is struggling so this may give them the courage to keep going in 2022.

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