You have the content, and the idea in your head for a caption. However, everything you’ve put up recently hasn’t been getting much engagement and now you’re left wondering where you went wrong. The chances are, you have done nothing wrong, but that first sentence in your caption is pivotal, and maybe so far it just hasn’t drawn anyone in. This blog contain 5 caption starters to help you get off on the right paw with your post.

1. three things you didn't know about...

Your audience follow you for a reason, whether that be educational, inspirational or entertaining. A caption starter like this sparks the curiosity in your audience’s mind getting them to click that “See more” button! Have you ever been on YouTube and found yourself down the rabbit hole of “5 things you didn’t know about cruise ships”? Or that could just be me!

2. I can't believe i did this today...

This could be funny, serious or a mixture of the two. Whatever it is, your audience is more likely to engage with your posts if you are relatable, so put up those mistakes, wins and funny stories!

3. three mistakes you're making when...

This caption starter is perfect for those who are trainers, walkers or groomers. Teach your audience something and in effect, if it reaches your clients then it could iron out a bugbear you may have which they can prevent from doing in the future! For example, if you are a dog groomer, you may do “Three mistakes you’re making when brushing your dog”. Not only are you teaching the world of social media- but that client with the matted cockapoo may pay attention and use your advice to look after their dog’s coat correctly.

4. Calling all (intended audience)

Get your message straight to the audience you want to reach by directing it at them!  Furthermore, this almost guarantees them reading the caption as they can relate straight away to the caption and will want to read more. 

5. Are you forgetting this?

No one ever likes forgetting anything. This type of caption starter creates a sense of urgency for the reader to press “See More” on your pet business post. For example, a dog trainer may use this in a scenario where they are posting about socialising. For example, “Are you forgetting this key ingredient in socialisation”?

I really hope this blog helps you with some ideas for future posts. If you would like more social media help, feel free to head to my Facebook community and join a great gang of pet businesses helping each other to grow their social media! 

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