Use It Sparingly!

I have had a few questions about this and if you watched my live earlier, you would have heard me speak about this new @Everyone feature within Facebook. If you haven’t seen it (or had it used on you!), then this new feature will allow group admins to tag/mention everyone in ONE post, ONCE a day in total. This doesn’t mean that each admin gets to tag once in different posts, it means that only one post in the group can be tagged by one admin only- so pick wisely! 

I wouldn’t encourage you to use this feature every day, as already people are complaining that this feature is annoying them and leaving groups- but, it is great for really special announcements or discounts. I would be tempted to use it at most once a month unless you are running a live training or similar.

Some important points:

– It’s only applicable for Facebook Groups.

– It can only be used once a day.

– Not everyone has the feature yet.

– It can make people go off/get bored of you as you are collectively tagging everyone- essentially spamming if used once a day every day.

– It shows as you mentioning them in a comment as a notification, so make sure you are prepared for an influx of people engaging/purchasing/enquiring! 

What do you think of this new feature? Let me know in the comments. 


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