Not to be confused with the “Panic Post”. 😉
Yup. That cat’s face right there is exactly how I look when my client cancels an event last minute and now I’m stuck for a post to replace it. It’s hard to be creative when you’re not in that mindset and this is what usually leads to a panic post- chuck anything up, right? Wrong! 😬
When I am batching content (some like to do this monthly, I prefer weekly to keep it a little more fresh), I create one or two “Just In Case” posts- these are there for when the unexpected happens and you need something that still ticks all the boxes, not just chucking up a meme you found on Instagram that is completely irrelevant to your business. 🧐
What makes a good “Just In Case” post?
🐾 A “how-to” post- this could be anything relevant to you, for example, teaching recall.
🐾 A “why” post- for example, why are you a positive trainer?
🐾 A “story” post- something from earlier on in your business that clients would be interested in hearing about.
🐾 A “trendy” post- no, you do not need to learn how to do that tending TikTok dance- but what are people talking about right now that you could get involved in?
🐾 A “benefits of me” post- this could be any form of advertising your services/products. Why is your food better than your competitors? How can training with you benefit my dog? What makes you stand out as a groomer within your area? What does your online service do that others can’t?
I hope this helps, and would love for you to comment what posts you have in your “Just In Case” bank! 🐱

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